Adult Community Services was established on January 6, 2020. 

Christine Talbott, MBA is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. She has a BFA in Computer Animation, a BA in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Health Care Administration from the University of Northern Colorado. Christine has 14 years of experience in the Mental Health Field with extensive experience in community support services. She has passion for helping individuals with mental illness and disabilities and observed that Colorado has a lack of support for those with the highest needs.


Christine Talbott, Founder & CEO

Suicide deaths in Colorado have increased almost every year since 2009, reaching a new high of 1,156 in 2016. Colorado that year had the fifth-highest suicide rate in the nation and has been in the top 10 states since 2009.

In El Paso County, the adult suicide rate is higher than the state average. From 2003 through 2017, the county lost to suicide 196 people ages 19-24.

The study cited a weak economy and poor job opportunities as suicide risk factors. Also, focus groups in the counties noted a lack of access to health insurance and social activities.

Christine started this organization to help Individuals gain access to much-needed In-Home Therapy, Crisis Intervention, Life Skills, and Targeted Case Management.

We are here to help anyone that is facing hard times and needs someone to listen. Let us give you the support you need. You are my first priority!






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