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Individual Therapy
In-home counseling is offered by a Licensed Clinician or a Master’s Level Clinician for Medicaid and Medicare clients. Commercial clients are offered in-office or telehealth services. 

We offer the following:

  • Diagnostic Screening
  • Assessment of Needs, mental health status, social/environmental factors, and recommendations.
  • Individualized comprehensive treatment plan
  • Crisis Safety Planning
  • Crisis Intervention and de-escalation

Many of our clients have Traumatic Brain Injuries and physical disabilities. We can provide counseling for any depression symptoms associated with these conditions.

We Are LGBTIQ+ FRIENDLY and offer support to those needing services in our community. Our Founder and CEO is part of the LGBT community. All of our staff attend LGBTIQ+ workshops within 90 days of hire and are re-trained annually on best practices to serve the community to the best of our ability.

Life Skills 
Therapeutic supports for adults and seniors who have a serious and persistent mental illness.

Life Skills workers help adults and seniors reduce and resolve barriers to improve social functioning, Activities of Daily Living, and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.

Examples of activities include:

  • Assistance with job applications
  • Assistance with a housing application
  • Linkage to food and clothing
  • Create a monthly budget
  • Create a daily checklist of activities of daily living–daily hygiene, nutrition, money mgmt, house cleaning
Targeted Case Management 
Targeted Case Managers help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of care and this is backed by evidenced-based practices.

Individually-centered support for individuals who have Serious and Persistent Mental Illness.

Targeted Case Managers help individuals gain access to services needed to meet their mental health needs, achieve their personalized goals, and to live successful lives in the community.

We help each person achieve their goals that they create on their individual service plan. Services include:

  • Assessment of functioning, needs, strengths, and support systems
  • Referrals to medical providers, psychiatrists, vocational/educational, social and support groups
  • Documentation and ongoing follow-up on services
  • Individualized Service Plan
  • Crisis planning

Examples of Activities:

    • Assistance with locating community resources
    • Schedule transportation
    • Prevent Medicaid insurance drops
    • Assistance with applying for a job
    • Assistance with applying for Social Security Disability
    • Linkage to social activities